Bags for men

Bags for men are not as important an accessory as it is for women, it’s a shame and this has to be changed! We are not talking about men’s handbags, but there are many types of bags that men can use to simplify their daily lives. To go to work, you can take a messenger bag, a briefcase or a backpack. For weekend getaways, having a travel bag can be more practical and less bulky than a suitcase. Marque Magasin will tell you about every situation in which men’s bags are necessary!

Bags For Men

Men's watches

The watch is the easy-to-wear accessory for everyday use. It is possible to adapt your watch to the occasion, with for example a watch for special occasions, a connected watch to follow your sports training, and a last watch for everyday life that accompanies you everywhere. You can find more fashion trends on

Minimalist watches

Minimalist watches

So-called minimalist watches are very successful and follow the trend of minimalism, and are therefore accessories that are not burdened with superfluous items.

Sports watches

Sports watches

As you may have noticed, our lifestyles are changing and we are more and more involved in sports, with the aim of leading a healthy life.

Watches for the adventurous

Watches for the adventurous

Men also enjoy hiking and all kinds of outdoor activities. Watches have been specially designed for them. They are often equipped with useful functions such as GPS…

Classic Watch

A design inspired by 80 year old watches

Modern Watch

The modern style varies from year to year.

Original Watch

It can be either electronic or mechanical

Digital Watch

There are watches with digital display

Gousset watch

Discover now the watches with pocket watch

Men's wallets

The wallet is an accessory that you almost always carry with you

Men don’t always have a bag to carry their wallet or purse, so it’s important to choose a model that doesn’t look too big in a pocket. Also, a wallet must be practical to allow you to store and quickly access your belongings such as credit cards, loyalty cards, notes and coins.

Men's fashion

The different accessories for men to enhance their suits

Men's fashion and accessories

There are accessories that we wear every day (or should wear every day) and those that are more occasional that are adapted to certain outfits or events that a man wears less often. So we’ve put together a fairly accurate listing of the best men’s accessories with a few tips on how best to wear them. We can find other accessories like e-cigs, for more information visit

Men s Belts

Men's belts

The next accessory is the belt because it is essential to wear one on all trousers: jeans, chinos and even Bermuda shorts. Of course, the belt must be adapted to the trousers, so we opt for a black leather belt for suit trousers, and braided belts for casual canvas trousers.

Men s Bracelets

Men's bracelets

In addition to a watch it is also possible to wear a bracelet, either on the same wrist or on the opposite wrist. Forget about old-fashioned bracelets and other bracelets with large chains for example. Opt for leather straps, rush, with original attachments or braided material.

Butterfly Knots

Butterfly Knots

After having been a nerd during or reserved for outfits such as a dinner jacket, the bow tie is now a trendy accessory for men that is easier to wear than you might think. Having a bow tie in your wardrobe is therefore interesting and it is perfectly complementary to the tie.

Ties for men

The tie can be worn every day to go to work or at various parties and ceremonies. So there are very different occasions to wear a tie.
Make sure you have 2 types of ties available in your dressing room, on the one hand sober ties for going to work, job interviews, funerals… And more original ties with brighter patterns and colours for celebrations and summer evenings.