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rubber straps

Combining function and fashion: Rubber straps for every occasion

Ready for an in-depth discussion about rubber straps and their impact on the fashion industry? In a world where function and fashion go hand in hand, rubber straps have found a permanent place in many wardrobes. From the catwalks of…

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spring summer collection

Women’s clothing online: spring summer collection

The recent spike in Coronavirus has also contributed in the accelerated use of the internet for shopping activities as the government restrictions on social distancing and reduced contact encouraged more people to embrace the use of online platforms for shopping…

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Running shoes: how to choose them well?

Currently, running is very widespread. As a result, many runners are looking for running shoes that meet their needs. However, it is important to choose the type of running shoes to wear according to the different characteristics. Choosing running shoes…

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Are you looking for a men’s bracelet?

In the past it was mainly women who liked to wear fashionable accessories, but now men are also interested in them. Since accessories are also an element that can enhance a person’s personality as well as their lifestyle, it is…

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How to dress when you are very muscular?

Dressing well when you have the build of a rugby player can be problematic. Even though most men want to be muscular and fit like a Greek god, finding the right clothes to be fashionable for tall men can be…

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How to choose a men’s backpack?

It is the man who uses the bag a lot. It is an indispensable element to facilitate his daily activities. It is displayed everywhere and in every place you cross. It is both a necessary device for the individual, but…

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Men’s fashion: should we dare the humorous t-shirt?

Humorous T-shirts are now a big trend for both men and women. These tops with logos or funny phrases are difficult to wear at certain events. For example, in the context of work where you have to show seriousness, these…

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