Trendy cord bracelet: how to choose?

Fancy bracelets are the trend of the moment. For men, the cord bracelet has become an essential fashion jewellery. But did you know that you need to choose your bracelet carefully to bring out your style and personality? Between design, material and colour, here are a few tips to help you choose the right cord bracelet:

Which design of cord bracelet to choose?

Fashion jewellery designers have developed several models of cord bracelets. For more discretion, opt for a fine or thick waxed cotton cord bracelet. There are also models in braid, braided square or engraved if you want more aesthetics. For the personal touch, choose between a jeweller’s style with a customisable plaque, a ring style and an infinite model. For the little ones, think about brushed models with a button, in gold-plated or silver.

You can also choose from a range of customisable men’s cord bracelets. Engrave your name or a dedication on the gold or steel plate or on a silver men’s cord bracelet as a gift.

Which material should I choose for my men’s cord bracelet?

You can choose between two materials for the cord: cotton and leather. Because of its elegance, cotton is a luxury thermo-regulating material. You can also choose a natural or synthetic leather cord bracelet. If you like retro and vintage style, this material is ideal. Amongst other things, the cord with its warm tone, this type of jewellery is also associated with another material. A silver men’s cord bracelet for example can be worn for any occasion. More affordable, but also fashionable, you will also find a cord bracelet with steel, treated wood, plastic. For an event of great importance, you can wear the one added to gold.

Which colour of cord bracelet should I choose?

Please note that the choice of colour of a bracelet depends either on the skin tone of your wrist, your personality and mood, or combined with one of your outfit. Dark tones, for example, reflect men of character. The colour red evokes a feeling of passion. The neutral colour of the silver men’s cord bracelet brings chic and elegance to simplicity. The blue cord bracelet is a must have for a casual look and if you often wear jeans. Most men opt for the colour black, significant for power. There is also a multi-coloured cord bracelet with braided models.

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