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The Legacy of Enicar

The Legacy of Enicar: Rarity and Craftsmanship in Horology

A legacy that resonates with rarity, Enicar represents a pinnacle of horological craftsmanship. This Swiss watchmaker, established in 1914, has crafted an unrivaled reputation, combining rarity with precision and elegance. Detailed examination of the Enicar legacy shines a beacon on…

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Benefiting from the virtues of diamonds on health

There is a favourite eye-catching quote from Jaclyn Smith that goes, “Angels are like diamonds. They have their own uniqueness, and you can only find them rather than make them.” Similarly, the quote justifies how precious and important these natural…

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How to choose a men’s bracelet?

In the past it was mainly women who liked to wear fashionable devices, but now men are also interested in them. Since devices are also an element that will allow you to enhance a person’s personality as well as their…

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How to choose cufflinks?

Fashion is more in vogue among women than men. Compared to women’s fashion, devices for men are very limited and not all of them want to wear them. On the other hand, there are men who do wear them and…

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Trendy cord bracelet: how to choose?

Fancy bracelets are the trend of the moment. For men, the cord bracelet has become an essential fashion jewellery. But did you know that you need to choose your bracelet carefully to bring out your style and personality? Between design,…

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Trend: when leather invades men’s jewellery

To look your best, jewellery and accessories enhance your outfits. Both women and men also have their own fashion accessories. The most famous for men is leather. Leather is one of the accessories on men’s outfits that will never go…

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Gift idea for men: how about giving him a personalised key ring?

The key ring is one of the most useful objects in everyday life. It can be placed on the key ring or in a handbag. All the accesses to the house can be hung on it: cellar, house, vehicle, safe,…

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