How do you extinguish razor burn on your skin?

Due to improper pre-shave care or a dull blade, you may feel a burning sensation immediately after shaving, whether on the face, legs, underarms or bikini line. It is even possible to see slightly painful red dots appear on the shaved surface. Here are some tips to help calm razor burn.

Use a tonic lotion

To extinguish razor burn on the skin immediately, it is advisable to quickly apply a tonic lotion right after shaving. To do this, take a cotton pad and soak it with this product. Then pat the soaked cotton pad onto the burning skin. Rubbing should be avoided, as this may cause further irritation to the skin. Generally speaking, a tonic lotion contains lactic acids and arginine which help to reduce feelings of irritation. It also contains vegetable glycerin with moisturising properties and natural betaine with soothing properties.

Apply an aftershave

The use of an after-shave treatment is also effective in extinguishing razor burn. It helps to soothe sensitive skin. For faces with dry skin, a richly textured aftershave balm or lotion can be chosen. When applying the balm, massage well until the product completely penetrates the skin. For oily skin, an aftershave lotion may be sufficient. However, alcohol-free products are to be preferred in order to avoid dehydration and aggression of the skin. It is even recommended to choose natural products, among others, floral waters such as cistus hydrosol, witch hazel hydrosol and natural alum stone. In addition, the after-shave product suitable for the rest of the body, such as legs, bikini line and underarms, is post-depilation oil, Damascus rose water and alum stone.

Moisturise the skin after shaving

To protect the skin while aiming to extinguish razor burn, it is important to use a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type after each shave. For the face, for example, you can choose a moisturizing cream or gel. Simply apply a small amount of the product and massage until it is completely absorbed. For an evening shave, it is better to opt for a richer cream or a light cream to which vegetable oil is added. In addition, for legs, post-depilation oil is the appropriate moisturising product. Make sure you buy a fragrance-free product to avoid a burning sensation on application.

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