How to choose your electric shaver for men?

The razor is an essential device for men. It is mainly used to remove beards and moustaches. Currently, the market offers several types of razors. When you have several options, it becomes difficult to choose. To help you, discover in the following article some useful tips that can help you choose your electric shaver for men.

Choosing between an electric shaver with rotating heads and a vibrating blade

For a better shaving experience, it is important to choose the type of razor best suited to your needs. Electric shavers are classified into two main families, including the rotary head electric shaver and the vibrating blade electric shaver. Both shave perfectly, but they are still different. Rotary shavers have several rotating heads that first straighten the hairs before cutting them. The Philips brand only makes shavers of this kind. Otherwise, you can find some from Panasonic and Remington. Vibrating blade shavers have blades that are camouflaged beneath a grid of micro-perforations. As soon as the hairs pass through this grid, they are cut directly by these tiny blades. All Braun shavers as well as some models from the Remington brand are equipped with tuning blades.

Opt for a battery-operated, battery-powered or mains operated electric men’s shaver?

Depending on the model, a shaver can be battery operated, battery operated or mains operated. Battery-powered shavers have a limited autonomy. Batteries need to be recharged or replaced once they are worn out. Shavers with one or more batteries can be switched to mains or battery operation. The power cable is used to recharge the battery when it is flat or to power the shaver when the battery is discharged. There are also models that operate only with batteries (without a power cable). To charge, these batteries must be placed on a dedicated cradle.

Other factors to take into account

The first factor to consider is price. Prices vary depending on the brand, model (features) and devices provided. You can buy a men’s electric shaver from 30 €. This cost can go up to several hundred euros. Also check the clipper. A shaver can consist of one or two removable clippers.

However, some shavers have extras that may be useful:

  • The battery charge indicator;
  • The self-cleaning base;
  • The watertightness;
  • The moisturizing cream dispenser.
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