Why using after-shave care?

The aftershave is initially a treatment designed to soothe the razor burn sensation on the skin. However, it also provides other benefits, but it is important to choose the right product to enjoy all the benefits.

A care product that fights against the inconveniences of shaving

As the name suggests, an aftershave is a product that is used after the razor has passed over the skin, once the skin is clean and smooth. It is a moisturising, soothing and antiseptic treatment that is designed to combat the inconveniences of shaving. So is it really necessary to use an after-shave? Indeed, the passage of a blade over the skin, whether it is a manual razor, an electric razor or a shave, is a real aggression for the skin. One can be confronted with cuts, redness and irritation which are possibly caused by the thickening of the corneal layer of the epidermis.

Good reasons to use aftershave

Using an aftershave is good for the skin. Indeed, this treatment soothes the skin, which is often inflamed and reddened after the razor blade. It is important to know that the repeated coming and going of the blade can cause irritation of the epidermis. Apart from this, an aftershave contributes to the softening of the skin according to the natural substances with which it is made. This softening element can be a vegetable oil or aloe vera. In addition, this treatment refreshes the skin thanks to its formula, which often contains menthol. Menthol gives an icy effect while leaving a strong scent on the skin. An aftershave also helps to repair irritated skin, tighten pores, deeply moisturize the skin, sanitize in case of wounds and avoid any tingling and tightness.

Which after-shave treatment should I choose?

To benefit from all the properties of after-shave, it is important to know how to choose the most suitable product according to the skin type. For fragile and very dry skin, it is, for example, advisable to use a balm with a rich texture. This type of product offers protection for sensitive skin. In addition, for oily skin, the use of a light after-shave is recommended, including a lotion with an astringent effect. In principle, this type of treatment tightens the pores of the epidermis while limiting the production of sebum. The after-shave cream is a generic treatment suitable for all skin types.

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